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Live life to the fullest and refuse to let it pass you by! Adorn yourself with a skydiving jumpsuit and join our Little Rock Skydiving team here in Little Rock, Arkansas for an adventure of a lifetime. Our experts will help you enroll into the perfect skydiving course, whether you’re new to skydiving or have jumped before.

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Tandem Skydiving in Little Rock

The First Dive

Jump into skydiving with a Little Rock Tandem Skydiver taking the plunge with you! Tandem Skydiving is the safest way for a first time jumper to experience the thrilling descent first hand. With a Little Rock Advocate by your side, you’ll be able to focus on every exciting moment without having to worry about when to open your parachute! Ready to climb aboard a Little Rock aircraft? Contact us at 501-260-7050 or click below to find out more!

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Little Rock Skydiving School

Certified Skydiver

Ready to dive professionally? At Little Rock Skydiving we provide a highly Accelerated FreeFall training course that prepares you to become one! Throughout each level, we will teach you how to free fall in style, control your body and when to open your parachute. Upon completing our Skydiving School, you will be able to show off your impressive skydiving skills all across America! Call Little Rock to find out more about our renowned skydiving training courses, or click the button below.

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Skydiving Gifts Little Rock

Skydiving Gifts

Treat a friend or family member to the experience of a lifetime with a Little Rock Skydiving Gift Certificate! Our certificates are available for the tandem skydive or any of our advanced courses. This delightful present is good for up to 24 months after your purchase date, and are on sale now! Call today to reserve this exciting present!

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Get a Video of your Skydive in Little Rock!

Skydiving Video Package

Gift yourself a personalized skydiving video with Little Rock’s Video Package! Record your skydiving adventure for years to come by selecting from our range of video packages and personalize it with your choice of one of our great soundtracks. Little Rock’s Video Package has other great feature options as well, such as HD video, high-quality still shots, and web-ready formats. These formats will allow you to easily share your skydive on your personal website or social media page!

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Little Rock is the capital of the state of Arkansas and has many attractive and appealing elements that make it an awesome place to skydive. It has a lush, green mountainous backdrop with many notable landmarks and attractions one may have occasion to spot from the air while flying over on their way to take the plunge and skydive with us. You may see the Arkansas State Capitol, the Big Dam Bridge, or the Little Rock Zoo. Regardless what you do or don't get a chance to see, when you skydive with us over Little Rock, you’re guaranteed the adventure of a lifetime! Contact 501-260-7050 today to reserve your jump time now!

Do not allow life pass you by - get off the couch and into a skydiving jumpsuit! Our team of skydiving experts will help you pick the perfect skydiving school for your first, or next, skydiving adventure! We specialize in providing men and women and teams of all sizes with bookings for the best skydiving courses and offers. Contact us today to transform your dreams into a reality!

We pride ourselves on making the most of both individual and group jumps, by treating the needs of each with the same respect. Contact us today to reserve your personalized skydiving adventure and be sure to record the experience with our video package!

The Benefits of Skydiving

While skydiving all your senses are honed in on freefalling. Your mind will focus completely on savoring the entire experience and it will be almost impossible to ignore the ground as it rushes up at you. The clarity and freedom this generates as you descend thousands of feet at 120 miles per hour will be liberating! Upon landing, you will be filled with feelings of elation and joy as you realize that you were brave enough to accomplish your skydiving goal.

These glorious memories can be shared with friends and family in a video play-by-play! From boarding the aircraft to your safe landing, you will be able to utilize your video footage and give everyone a detailed insight to how brave you really are. Be sure to ask our staff about reserving a videographer when you call Little Rock Skydiving to book your skydiving adventure. Do not miss out on recording this life changing event!

Pure Adrenaline Rush!

This exhilarating experience will really get your adrenaline rushing as you soar through the skies in Little Rock. As your body releases adrenaline during the descent, you will experience an increase of blood flow to your brain and your pupils will dilate to the size of saucers. This hormone produces a retrograde enhancement of long-term memories. Due to this, your skydiving adventure leave you with a long-lasting impression that you won’t soon forget.

This amazing and intense skydiving sport tends to be frowned upon because “it’s scary” which is an honest assessment. If you contemplate the idea of falling 14,000 feet and do not find yourself slightly intimidated, you’ll think twice when the aircraft’s door open. Do not let this stop you from experiencing the skydiving adventure of a lifetime!

Rest assured that our instructors are highly trained experts, who are federally certified. Know that when you take your first tandem jump or participate in our skydiving lessons you will be accompanied by a pro. For many individuals that take their first leap, the idea of having a Little Rock Skydiving Expert attached to them is a very comforting thought. This arrangement soothes fears and alleviates any concerns that may prevent you from participating in this worthwhile experience!

Anxiety Relief by Skydive

Skydiving is known for its cleansing effect on your psyche. When you are free falling through the skies your survival instinct will kick in and prevent you from focusing on anything else! Being in this unique position will help put everything into crystal clear perspective and may expose that major problem to be a minor issue that you were simply worrying about too much. Treat yourself to an adrenaline packed break and allow one of our Little Rock Advocates to bear the responsibility of opening the parachute on time.

By permitting yourself to be in this unique position, you are intentionally creating a core memory where you placing your trust in someone had instant gratifying results. Building on this memory every day will assist you in relieving anxiety any time you would normally be paralyzed by it. Having trouble asking your boss for a raise? You jumped out of an airplane at 14,000 feet above the ground and lived to tell the tale. Compared to that one leisurely conversation is no big deal.

Skydiving as a Healthy Sport

In addition to having a positive impact on your psychological health, skydiving also has physical effects as well. If you participate frequently in our Skydiving courses you will observe an increase in your upper body strength. This is occurring due to the weight of your parachute being attached and lugged around. As you start to see yourself in a different, more confident light, you will feel better prepared face many of the challenges life tends to throw your way.

While your skydiving adventure solidifies as a highly-prized memory, you will notice that normal taxing and aggravating events no longer have a devastating effect on you. Remaining in this delightful state of mind will continue to improve your mental fortitude long after you take the initial leap. You deserve to experience this stress relieving extreme sport.

Do not let your own fears or the fears of others stop you from enjoying one of the greatest experiences you may have in your life, call us at 501-260-7050 today.

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