Always really wanted to 'take the plunge?' Let Littlerock Skydiving show you how!

Why would you not experience the eye-popping sights in Little Rock, Arkansas while sailing through the sky underneath a parachute? Tandem skydiving is the easiest means to jump into the addictive sport of skydiving, giving you with a lifetime worth of memories in a single afternoon! Your tandem skydiving package consists of roughly 15-20 minutes of pre-flight safety instruction on the ground, so be sure to arrive at the dropzone well in advance of your arranged jump time.

When you go tandem skydiving near Little Rock, Arkansas, you will skydive from a height of roughly fourteen thousand feet, and enjoy a thrilling freefall that lasts up to 60 seconds! Give yourself lots of time to get ready for your jump by arriving early. Following your ground school, you'll suit up in a skydiving suit, board the airplane with your instructor and a small group of skydivers, then begin your accent to the clouds. Tandem skydiving is a safe, fun introduction to the amazing sport of skydiving!

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