Glide down to earth as you commit yourself to Tandem Freefall in Little Rock, Arkansas! You will never look at life the same again.

Join the ranks of proud parachuting challengers! Step 1 will be harnessing to your professional tandem skydiving instructor or "Tandem Master." Your freefall instructor will guide you through the entire skydiving adventure, from exit to freefall, steering the canopy, and landing safely back on the Arkansas soil below. You will only need minimal training as a skydiving student before making the commitment of your first tandem skydiving jump.

Imagine the pleasure that awaits you in Little Rock, Arkansas. You will exit the tandem skydive aircraft from an altitude between 10,000 to two and a half miles, and experience 30 to 60 seconds of freefalling. At approximately 5,000 feet, your certified instructor will deploy your skydiving parachute built especially for two skydivers. At this time you will enjoy an enchanting canopy ride to the ground, where you will come in for a soft landing. Give Littlerock Skydiving a call right now at 1-888-565-JUMP and ask our intelligent skydiving experts about scheduling your very own tandem skydiving experience.

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